Passenger sitting on the network about 4 stars by the driver sent a text message death threat

Ms. Ho woke up to see the phone received a text message
Because the driver can not get through the phone, failed to communicate on the car location, Chengdu, a passenger ride after the drop of the driver to the driver 4 star evaluation. I would like to know, after the driver to send text messages to passengers directly to its "beast" and threatened: "If the complaint, I can kill you ... ..." Yesterday, the passenger Ms. He entered the hotline complaints. Subsequently, the Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter learned from the drop, the current driver account has been temporarily banned; if verified, will be permanently banned. July 31 at around 4 o'clock, Ms. Ho through the drop of software called a car, the software shows a vehicle license plate by a license, the driver for the "master Li." Ms. Ho said that when she and her friends stood at a distance of more than 100 meters away from the bridge. "Because the bridge there is not good positioning", she will be selected in a ring around the new road intersection. In the software to see the vehicle arrived at the location, she did not wait until the driver's call, so take the initiative to contact the driver, hoping to open to pick her. Ms. Ho told reporters about the day of the call record, around four o'clock a total of three unconnected telephone. "Is the driver to the master of the master." The phone did not pass, she and her friends had to go more than 100 meters in the past on the train. "On the train, we see the driver is playing with the phone." Miss Ho recalled, on the train, the driver told them cell phone crash. Because of the experience before the car, Ms. He told reporters that after the payment of the car she gave the driver score 4 star (score is divided into 5 stars). "So the evening sports car pick you ... ... give me four stars, you are people ... ..." 31 at 12 o'clock, Ms. Ho woke up to see the phone received a text message. "Is the morning to sit the number of drops of drivers." Ms. Ho is also excited to return to the text message, and said "ready to complain." Then she received a frightening message: "Complaints me, I can kill you ... ..." As in the vicinity of Niu Wang Temple operating a private theater, Ms. Ho every day are two or three o'clock in the morning. She bluntly, he was very worried, they went to the drop of the company had a complaint. Yesterday afternoon, Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter contacted the driver involved, he claimed that he is a part-time drip driver, that day after the order of their own mobile phone did crash, and did not receive the passengers of the phone. He was so late to get Ms. Ho and her friends, during which there is no conflict, "the results gave me to play four stars." The driver told reporters that four-star evaluation will affect their own reward, but he was only to Ms. Ms. texting abuse and threatening. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the drop, the driver's account has been temporarily banned, is being investigated. "If things are verified, we will permanently block the driver's account."

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