Somali fear of Chinese personnel 1 dead 3 injured in the direction of the cable to submit involved

Somali Youth Party often launched a retaliatory attack
On July 26th, in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, soldiers attacked the scene through car bombs. Xinhua / United States Somalia capital Mogadishu Peninsula Palace Hotel 26, suffered a suicide car bomb attack, located in the hotel in the Chinese Embassy in Somalia affected. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that a staff member of the embassy was killed in the attack and another three were injured. Extreme organization "Youth Party" claimed to have created the attack. "Youth Party" chose to foreigners living in the hotel to attack, its purpose is to expand the impact of manufacturing momentum. Chinese personnel should not be the target of their attack. Terrorist attack Mogadishu police introduced the attackers in the peninsula Palace Hotel door detonated bombs, causing some of the hotel building collapse, at least 15 people were killed and many people were injured. Police said the dead are mostly civilians, and several hotel security. It is understood that the Peninsula Palace Hotel has a higher security level and is considered one of the relatively safe areas of Mogadishu. At present, the police have blocked the explosion site and the surrounding roads, launched search and rescue and investigation, the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. "Youth Party" claimed to have made the attack, claiming to retaliate against the recent rescue of the African Union Mission in Somalia and the Somali government forces in southern Somalia. The day before the attack, the "Youth Party" militants also shot a Somali legislator in Mogadishu. Somalia "Youth Party" is an "al-Qaida" organization associated with the extreme organization, in recent years in Somalia and neighboring Kenya repeatedly attack. As a strong earthquake, "the explosion occurred, feeling like an earthquake occurred, people screaming scattered fleeing ... ... I have never experienced such a violent explosion in Mogadishu. 27, the Somali capital Mogadishu Peninsula Palace Hotel staff Abdi DiPu told Xinhua reporters the day before the encounter, still lingering fear. The scene of the attack and the surrounding scene, all without proof of Dip's argument: the hotel building part of the collapse, was blown up, charred car cross in front of the hotel, firefighters from the hotel inside and outside the handling of gravel rubble. Many buildings near the hotel were also damaged in the explosion, the windows were shattered, and some of the roofs of the buildings were even distorted and covered with rubble, and the cement piers used for segregation were overturned. According to the Mogadishu police, a suicide bomber drove a truck loaded with explosives and detonated at the peninsula Palace, causing some of the buildings to collapse. Peninsula Palace Hotel has always been considered one of the safest places in Mogadishu, not only the hotel hired security personnel heavily armed at the door guard, a few meters away from the hotel wall outside the location also has a explosion-proof wall. It is reported that the suicide attacker driving the truck is hit after the explosion occurred after the explosion. Although the explosion-proof wall to a certain extent, weakened the destructive power of the explosion, but the strong impact is still brought serious consequences. Spread to the Chinese side of Somalia "Youth Party" originally occupied most of central and southern Somalia. In September 2012, after the establishment of a new government in Somalia, with the assistance of the African Union peacekeepers, the "Youth Party" was gradually expelled from the important cities. Since then, the "Youth Party" has often launched a retaliatory attack and extended to participate in the AU peacekeeping forces in the country, including several times in Kenya to create a serious terrorist attacks. The Peninsula Palace Hotel is about 5 minutes drive from the local airport and is a senior official and foreigner of the Somali government. The Chinese Embassy in Somalia is located on the top two floors of this 6-storey hotel. The explosion caused some houses in the embassy to be damaged, and the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Somalia, who was in charge of the security guards, died unhealthy due to serious injuries. Three other staff members were slightly injured. The wounded are currently being treated in the hospital. China, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and other countries are in the peninsula Palace Hotel, Somali government officials and foreigners often go to this hotel. From the current situation, the "Youth Party" launched the attack did not have a specific goal, select the foreign concentration of the palace hotel to create the terrorist attacks, apparently to create a more serious international impact. This also fully exposes the organization's anti-human, anti-social terrorist nature. Chinese side has made a speech to Suo Fang Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said yesterday that China is deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks and strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the terrorist attacks in China. , The Chinese side in Mogadishu and Beijing, respectively, to the cable side to make representations. Lukang said that China is deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks and strongly condemned the Chinese people were deeply saddened and deeply condolences to their families and injured people expressed their sincere condolences. The Chinese side also expressed condolences to all the victims. Lu Kang said that after the incident, the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately emergency emergency work, the embassy staff have all been transferred to safe areas. "China has already made representations to Moya in Mogadishu and Beijing, and Suo Fang said that he would take all necessary measures to deal with the wounded and properly handle the relevant issues and ensure the security of the Chinese authorities and personnel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will work closely with the relevant departments to do the work of the victims, follow the situation closely, strengthen their own security precautions, and protect the security and interests of the Chinese authorities and personnel. News document "Youth Party": want to build a large Somali Somali Youth Party is the predecessor of the "Islamic Courts Union." The situation in Somalia continued to fluctuate after the fall of the Saina-Bare regime in Somalia in January 1991 and gave birth to a large number of armed factions, including the Union of Islamic Courts (hereinafter referred to as "coalitions"). In 2004, the faithful religious extremist "coalition" was established and defeated the factional warlords in just two years, controlling most of the eastern and southern parts of Somalia. The organization also claims to build a large Somali country, including neighboring Somali ghetto in Ethiopia and Kenya, to keep the neighboring countries uneasy. At the end of 2006, Ethiopia sent troops to Somalia. In 2007, the "coalition" was expelled from most of the occupied areas. "Union" led to the internal division of the split, adhere to the hard line of young people separated from the organization to form the Somali "Youth Party", and the strength of the growing and once occupied the central and southern Somalia in most areas. Somalia After the formation of the new government in September 2012, the new government, with the assistance of the African Union peacekeepers, gradually drove out the Somali Youth Party from the important cities, resulting in a significant reduction in its forces and the need to return to remote areas. Since then, the Somali Youth Party has often launched a retaliatory attack and extended its target to the countries and their organizations participating in the AU peacekeeping force. In addition to creating serious terrorist attacks in Kenya, the Somali Youth Party also attacked refugee camps, abducted, killed international aid personnel, occupied the United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations, property and equipment, attacking the AU military base. February 6, 2008, the Somali Youth Party in the Somali harbor city of Bossaso bombing, resulting in nearly 90 casualties. On the 26th of the same month, the organization was identified by the United States as a terrorist organization. In 2009 and 2012, the organization has twice declared allegiance to Al Qaeda and accepted its leadership. At present the organization is estimated to have 4,000 to 6,000 people. In the years, the "Al-Shabaab" has targeted the Somali government officials and supporters of the Somali government, Western countries, United Nations agencies, non-mission groups, Countries to send troops in Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti and other countries. The attack occurred in the United States President Barack Obama's visit to Africa, do not rule out the "Youth Party" took the opportunity to rally. Previously, the AUF and Somali government forces have increased the "Youth Party" forces encirclement, and the organization from the south of the two southern towns out. "Youth Party" claimed to have created the attack, claiming to retaliate against the non-cable group and the Somali government forces in southern Somalia recently carried out its encirclement. The day before the attack, the "Youth Party" also shot a Somali legislator in Mogadishu. This edition is signed by Xinhua News Agency

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