Guangzhou, a 7-year-old primary school students were crushed by the school bus driver for many years driving age

Xiaoxin two sisters to take school bus to school
The scene placed friends and relatives mourning Xiaoxin ritual supplies. Xiaoxin yesterday morning 7:10, Huangpu District 7-year-old girl Xiaoxin and sister as usual to take school bus school, but never imagined that this went to her even no time to go home. At about 7:40, the bad news spread to the small Yan grandfather that 20 minutes ago, she arrived at school after the school bus crushed. It is reported that when the school bus is storage, but unfortunately will Xiaoxin knocked down. According to the school, the driver has more than 40 years old, a school bus driver qualification and have years of driving experience, school bus also meet the safety standards, there are two teachers with the car. However, this should not happen "accident" or occurred ... ... notification: involved drivers have been controlled by the police Yesterday, Huangpu District and the school quickly made a notice that yesterday at 7:20, in Huangpu District Nangang Street Yucai school stadium, the school driver driving school bus students back to the school playground near, accidentally the first year students Chen (Vonnie) rolling death, causing the accident. At present, public security, traffic police, streets and other departments are involved in the investigation. The school bus and driver have been under control for investigation. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Next, Huangpu District, the school district teachers and students will strengthen the campus safety publicity and education, all school buses and drivers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the campus and the surrounding security to strengthen management. According to reports, involved in the driver more than 40 years old, in school school bus has been 3 years, in line with school bus driver qualification, school bus also meet safety standards. The driver has many years of driving experience, also had a bus. Why the old driver will happen such a thing, school workers old Huang and others also said that the accident. "Our school will cooperate with the relevant departments, promised to properly handle the incident, and the cause of the accident investigation, the school bus safety rectification to ensure that no similar incidents occurred." The school Xiao surname responsible person. Huangpu emergency school bus safety inspection Yesterday afternoon 3 pm, Huangpu District Education Bureau official website issued on the school bus safety self-examination work of the emergency notice, requiring schools in January 15 as required one by one self-examination. (Reporter Qin Song, Zeng Weikang correspondent Po Xuan) incident scene: never eat breakfast ... ... Yesterday at noon, the reporter rushed to the incident of the Huangpu District Yucai school, this time from the accident has been 5 hours, but the scene Blood and residual breakfast is still telling people that tragic scene, the owner of this bag breakfast in a few hours ago left the world. Incident to Yucai school sports field, a huge blood has not dried up, with the blood of the wheel printed up to 2 meters, clearly visible. "At that time the bus driver drove to the parking place accidentally crushed the child died." The presence of family members sadly tell this scene, after the incident, they came from various places, according to the custom in the incident Niche, to the Xiaoxin burning paper. Witnessed the horrors of the 50-year-old canteen workers old yellow (a pseudonym) lingering fear. "I went to school to buy cigarettes, the two school bus just came in, two or three minutes later, so I bought the smoke back, I saw a lot of teachers to run to the school bus.I am far to see a child leaning on the bag Lying on the ground, but also that the child is not comfortable, approached only to find the child was crushed dead. Loved ones lament: children go out half an hour after receiving the bad news Xiaoxin grandmother received bad news came to the scene immediately fainted, was sent home to recuperate. Vonnie's grandfather Lao Chen, more than 50 years old, is Jieyang people, and his wife with two granddaughters living in the Huangpu District, walking area, usually in the vegetable market selling vegetables for life, rented in the two rooms and one hall. Two granddaughters are in Yucai school, older young 10 years old, in the school read the third grade; 7-year-old Xiaoxin in the school read the first grade, their home from the school only 10 minutes by car. Although the days of hard, but fortunately there are two sensible little granddaughter, always give their lives to bring laughter. If you get up early every morning, the two sisters will eat their own breakfast downstairs and then take the school bus to school. Yesterday morning, the two sisters get up late, they bought milk and dumplings with plastic bags to bring the school. This is a common morning, but Lao Chen received a call to his heartbreak of the phone: "They are around 7:10 on the train, half an hour after I suddenly received the school phone, said Xexin accident , My head was hit by the car.I was frightened, and quickly let them my granddaughter sent to the hospital can be said to the other that I quickly past. "Anxious Lao Chen came to school, saw the granddaughter was quiet School playground, fresh blood flow to a place. The truth is still a second time to reach the school, the car to be docked to the sports ground, the car will not be able to stop the school bus, the school has a total of six school bus, take two times to pull the students back, the accident is No. 2 car, was the second time to reach the school, The other side of the parking spaces, must move forward after the U-turn storage, may be driving forward in the car when the trouble. "Huang said that when he found an accident, the car has been parked in the parking space, it is clear that this When the driver did not find rolling to the people, knocked down Xiaoxin also continued after the U-turn, reversing storage and other actions. It is reported that the morning, Xiaoxin two sisters to take school bus to school, the school bus parked in the playground next to the flag Taiwan, the car teachers and students from the right door to get off, to the teaching building. "Ah Mei first get off, I came down after a sister in the direction of the school called her, Ah Mei ran directly to the left side of the school bus." Xiaoxin sister said. The school Xiao name official said, according to the location of the bus at the time, Vonnie should go to the left side of the vehicle, into the school bus driver's bit dead zone, the driver starts the vehicle forward, the left front wheel just overwhelmed her to the ground. In addition, according to the requirements, school bus in addition to the driver, there are teachers to take care of children, do the teacher did not find it? The responsible person, then the car has two car teachers, together with the students from the right side, but did not take into account the other side of the vehicle situation.

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