Jiangsu first "school bus overload" case sentenced: the driver was sentenced to criminal detention for 2 months

School bus driver Zangmou guilty of dangerous driving crime
January 28, Jiangsu Yangzhou Zangmou driving school bus overload suspected of dangerous driving crime case, in Yizheng City Court open trial. Surrendered news from the Yizheng City, Yangzhou City, was informed that the school bus driver Zangmou guilty of dangerous driving crime, was sentenced to criminal detention for 2 months and fined 2,000 yuan. This is the first case of the Criminal Law Amendment (9) since the implementation of the Jiangsu Provincial Judgment. December 7, 2015 at 15 o'clock, Zangmou driving nuclear set of 9 medium-sized ordinary bus, carrying a car teacher to send 15 children from school. Zang Mouming know overloading illegal, but ignoring the provisions of national laws, too believe in their own driving skills, he from Yizheng City, "big windmill" kindergarten, turn left at the intersection, and Chen driving a car collision. Accident caused two cars damaged, Zang a wounded, the car is not serious children. After the incident, the traffic police rushed to the scene, that the main responsibility for the accident Zang Mou, Chen negative secondary responsibility. Zang Mou due to engage in school bus operations, driving vehicles over 8 people, overcrowding more than 80%, its behavior has violated the criminal law: engaged in school bus business or passenger transport, seriously more than the rated passenger, or seriously exceeded the provisions of speed, And sentenced to a fine. Zang a suspected dangerous driving crime, was Yizheng City Public Security Bureau criminal detention. The day of the trial, the collegial board learned that Zang in September 2011 and "big windmill" kindergarten to reach an agreement to engage in school bus business, responsible for the delivery of 15 children to school. Due to school bus nuclear contained 9 people, usually on two batches of shuttle. The day of the incident, Zang Mou know his mother seriously ill, rush to go home to send their mothers admitted to a one-time access to all the children. Because of the restlessness, after the intersection of no lights control, the neglect of the occurrence of traffic accidents. In the final statement, Zang Mou head down, said: "I wanted to save time, not only did not achieve the purpose, but lead to bitter fruit, harm yourself." I have broken, but the children are okay, can be considered lucky "The court collegial panel that the defendant Zangmou engaged in school bus operations, 88% overcrowding, its behavior has violated the provisions of criminal law, constitute a dangerous driving crime, according to the law should be sentenced to criminal detention, and fined. In view of Zangmou crime after the automatic surrender, truthfully confessed his own crime, surrendered, according to the law can be light punishment, then made the aforementioned decision. For the verdict, Zangmou did not raise any objections.

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