Empty hanging real name system: the dealer with a fake ID card batch card

Virtual operator 's ultra - high real - name registration pass rate
Most of the mobile phone fraud in the 170,171 section of the mobile phone number in the sale before the completion of the real name binding. Eastern IC data due to successive students encounter telecommunications fraud, and then the tragic death, so that in recent years has been the proliferation of telecommunications fraud, was pushed to the spotlight. Spearhead, one of the bull's-eye, is the 170/171 section of the fraudster, and the virtual operator behind it. August 26, the Ministry of Industry officials micro-disclosure, recently, the media reported that Linyi City, Shandong Province, a girl (Xu Yuyu) was deceived after the death of the incident, I immediately carried out the verification work, has been verified that the case number is far (Beijing ) Communication Technology Co., Ltd., another involved in the case of China Unicom, according to check the two involved in the number of registered user name information. Far Eastern Communications is the virtual operator to get the second license. The company also announced on August 25, fraud, Shandong girl Xu Yuyu tuition fees of 171 mobile phone number is indeed the company for sale, and a complete real name registration information. Section 170,171 is a special section for virtual operators. Because the regulatory measures to follow up not in place, telephone number real name system registration ineffective, in recent years has become a hot phone number of fraud. However, the number involved in this case is said to be registered in real names. In this regard, a reluctant to name the industry to tell the surging news reporter, most of the telecommunications fraud 170,171 paragraph number of mobile phone number, can find real name information, but this is because a lot of phone cards Before the sale, it has completed the real name binding, the registration information may not belong to the actual user. This behavior commonly known as "support card" is the industry's indisputable unspoken rules, the leader behind it is the dealer and even virtual operators themselves. In this way, the real-name system in the 170/171 section of a lot of mobile phones, has been in name only. Surprise journalists survey found that a similar phenomenon, not 170/171 paragraph number of the phone number unique. Virtual operators' ultra-high real-name registration pass rate: more than 95% of the real-name communications business rate of more than 95% to Telecom Unicom mobile three major telecommunications market into the vitality of the Ministry of Industry and the beginning of 2013 issued a license, virtual operators as "catfish" was introduced Market, 170 and 171 at the beginning of the section that is operated by the virtual operators. Virtual operators themselves do not have a basic network, they rent the three major operators of the network, from the hands of the three operators in the wholesale voice traffic, SMS and other services, and then directly distributed or joined their own innovative services, sold to consumers. Up to now, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued five batches of 42 virtual operators license. The aforesaid Far Eastern Communications, the second batch of licensed virtual operators. Claiming to be "China's largest one-stop communication service platform," the far special communication, real name registration rate does not seem low. In the Ministry of Industry website on August 5 announced the implementation of real-name system of virtual operators to investigate the results of unannounced visits, far special communication in the network user real name registration information compliance rate of 95.95%, in line with the Ministry of Industry has made "to ensure that in December 2016 31 before all telephone users real name rate of 95% or more, June 30, 2017 before all telephone users to achieve real name registration "requirements. However, given the larger base, far special communications were shut down suspected of telecommunications fraud and other crimes are also quite a number. From November 2015 to the end of April 2016, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Communications has organized telecom enterprises to more than 14 million communications and information related to fraud, such as telephone numbers were quickly shut down. Which virtual operators to stop the number of 60,202, far special communication 23280 number was shut down, accounting for the largest, reaching 39% of the total. Far Eastern Communications official website shows that as of the end of 2015, the company's number of users has exceeded 2.4 million. Not only far from the special signal known as compliance, in the Ministry of Industry website on August 5 announced the same batch of eight virtual operators, only to share the real name of the registered registration rate is not up to 91.3%, millet technology and other three companies Of the pass rate of more than 99%. The problem is that even if the real name registration rate of more than 95%, the remaining 5% scale is still amazing. Moreover, this exceeds 95% of the pass rate, which itself may also have moisture. Black card is still in circulation: dealers a large number of "support card", so that real name system surname surging news (www.thepaper.cn) reporter from Shanghai part of the phone card sales point to understand that there is no identity documents, you can also buy 170 or 171 telephone number. Reporters asked no need to register the reasons, there are stores to reporters to produce a 35 yuan a phone card, said the card is a one-time card can not recharge, so no need to register. And more businesses are bluntly, their own sale of the virtual operator card, has been certified by real name, in line with relevant regulations. One of the stores took out a pile of 50 yuan price tag "red bean communication" phone cards, are paragraph 171. He told surging journalists, all the cards in the hands of dealers in the real name registration, "dealers have a way to find a large number of identity cards to register, in order to facilitate the consumer." But for the specific means of operation, he said did not understand. An unnamed industry insiders told surging journalists that the store said the situation is the industry's common "support card" phenomenon. "Card" also known as "false activation", virtual operators through illegal ways to buy a large number of ID card information, in advance to the phone card for identity authentication. "This is also the virtual operators of the move." The industry said, "in many provinces and cities in the number of virtual operators are very active trading, but in accordance with the provisions of the virtual operators only in each business city card The proportion of 50%, will get the next batch of code resources in order to maintain the market they can only do so. "China Virtual Carrier Industry Alliance Secretary-General Zou Xueyong to surging news (www.thepaper.cn) said that now with the Ministry of Industry The requirements of the real-name authentication more and more stringent, "support card" is also more and more difficult, "the most intuitive point, as long as the upload ID card scan image can be tied card, and now must collect the consumer hand-held ID card photos , Than the real people and documents photos to complete the certification. "Even so, those in the past by the operators and channels to" raise "the phone card, or a lot into the market. In the 42 companies to obtain virtual operators license, in addition to Di Xin Tong, latitude, natural sound and other small companies themselves engaged in the distribution of communications products company, most of the main business and communications are not directly related, but no mature line sales Of the channel, which had to rely on some channels to enter the market. Zouxue Yong said that the 170,171 section became a concentration camp for fraudulent telephone, exposing the lack of experience in virtual operators' management experience and channel construction. "Many companies that have just got a virtual operator license, no channel for no sign, nor development The concept of the user, then a lot of business card companies will find the virtual operators to seek cooperation in the past three major operators of the channel competition has been very intense, the emergence of virtual operators to make users more difficult to develop many of the channels The card businessman in order to snatch the market will ignore some of the norms, non-real name system card is the rise of this time. "Far special communication announcement screenshot Virtual operators helpless: profit margins are small, do not want to shut down the real name of the user, How does the virtual operator implement the real-name system? Surging news reporter to open the official website of far special communication, and immediately there is a page pop-up requirements for customers with real-name system certification. Industry sources told reporters that many operators will use a variety of ways to remind consumers to take the initiative to authenticate, but because the user is not high viscosity, virtual operators, the proportion of active customer certification is very low, "a lot of practical virtual operator number Are foreign workers, mostly for temporary use, run out on the number discarded, the certification retrospective to them are not binding. "Virtual operators are also very helpless. Consumers do not take the initiative to authenticate, a large part of the 'zombie' users, but can not all the unlicensed user service pause, so that the normal use of consumers will be accidentally injured. "Zeng Xueyong said the surging news reporter called a number of virtual operators responsible person, asked the company for the recent public opinion on the 170,171 section of the accusations of fraud and how to deal with complaints and response to the majority of enterprises responsible person refused to reporters Interview a demand. A virtual operator in Zhejiang responsible person vaguely told reporters that there will be no problem, the implementation of real-name system within the enterprise are very standardized, but he later said that the virtual operation of the business is only the edge of the business, the internal did not take anything Additional security measures. For virtual operators, their own days are not better.Zou Xueyong said, virtual operators generally from the hands of the three operators to get 7-8 fold discount, and then these voice traffic, SMS And other services to sell the original price to consumers, but after layers of "exploit", which is very small profit margins. Moreover, many virtual operators in order to seize the market launch of the monthly rent, zero roaming charges and more affordable services, further Compressed their own profit margins. There are media reports that China Communications Virtual operators will get the data from within the Ministry of Industry, virtual operators, the overall ARPU (average revenue per user) value of only 13 yuan, which includes such as UF network, to share communications such as focus on enterprise market vendors, UF software ARPU The value of 100-120 yuan, to share the number of communications in about 80. Exclude such enterprises, most of the virtual operators ARPU value may be lower .2016 January, the Ministry of Industry to the three major telecom operators and all virtual operations Pilot companies have issued guidance on the wholesale price adjustment for mobile resale business, which is intended to support the virtual operators by adjusting the wholesale price of the mobile business, but the industry believes that this initiative can not completely reverse the loss of virtual operators. It is unrealistic to expect the three operators to help virtual operators to supervise the fact that telecom frauds are difficult to file outside the real-name system, and the virtual operators seem to be doing little, for example, fraudulent texts.Zou Xueyong said that the virtual The operator does not grasp the user's communication data, the data content is still three major transport An industry analyst believes that the three operators to help virtual operators to monitor the management is unrealistic, the three operators and virtual operators that straightforward point, that is, suppliers and distributors of the upstream and downstream relations, The distributor does not have the real name system to make a problem, can not let the upstream enterprises to help regulate the independent telecommunications analyst Fu Liang also said that telecom operators have no power nor the ability to do so.Administration should be the Ministry of Industry, followed by fraud After the case, it is the public security system to be responsible, but the actual case is also very difficult. "There is a criminal law, the same phone was reported 500 times can be placed on file, but the liar phone calls to different places, different operators, Everyone even if the report is also in different places of the public security system, how can reach 500 times? Ministry of Industry and the practice is to send text messages more users will limit, so that it can not send text messages, before Guangdong, Fujian Province, a year hundreds of thousands of users were stopped. A senior analyst at TMT said that many virtual operators are not the public network of telecom operators, they are likely to take the IP network this line, so fake easier. The above analysts added: "In the process of implementation of the real name system, the key is how to verify the card and its identity card is consistent. Some sellers of the channel, do not need to provide customers with ID cards, and some can find the identity card for customers to register. This is for the people of law and order, the cost is actually very low. "54% fraud phone is not from the 170/171 section, the experts said the real name system is difficult to completely solve the problem of telecommunications fraud for the virtual operators, the Ministry of Industry has been issued to strict control .In August 26 issued official micro, the Ministry of Industry said, the next step , Will further increase the supervision and management of the virtual operators, and the implementation of real-name system as a virtual operator to apply for expansion of business scope, increase the code number resources, the issuance of a formal business license one-vote negative. Virtual operators, I will be severely dealt with, will not be tolerated in its rectification before the implementation of the place, will not pass its business access, code number distribution, expand the scope of business and other relevant approval; the circumstances are serious, will require the appropriate basis Telecommunications companies to suspend the allocation of the code has been allocated with the code; for the rectification of ineffective, repeated violations, I will be determined according to the law, until the cancellation of its relevant qualifications, which is against the effectiveness of telecommunications fraud, yet time to test. The fraudulent phone number is not just the section 170/171. There is statistical information Show that 46% of the fraudulent phone came from the section 170, 171 and 54% from the other numbers. The surging news reporter found a non-virtual operator's number that was not required for real-name certification at the point of sale of some calling cards. Said the reporter did not want to accept the 170,171 number, then took out from the counter below a stack of calling cards, called "from the regular operators, do not ID card, the card has been certified," but the need for an additional 30 yuan per card . At the same time, the reporter also found in Taobao a large number of shops are not to provide non-170,171 paragraph of the non-certified card.A industry insiders believe that telecommunications fraud will not be because the real name system can be completely resolved.As telecommunications is cross-border connectivity Of the Internet, blocking the domestic 170/171 such "cheap tariff program" of the door number, but is to improve the cost of fraudulent telephone costs (switch to foreign, cross-border telecommunications services.) The implementation of telecommunications fraud requires many links , The key to success in the payment of the pipeline, so in financial institutions, bank counters, ATM should also promote the risk of telephone fraud, The number of people in accordance with the instructions of the fraud group to complete the remittance possible. "As a virtual operator, their responsibility is to complete the real name registration, rather than regulatory telecommunications fraud. "The industry said," Fu Liang also said: "Telecom fraud as long as the implementation must have a bank card, bank card real name registration more stringent than the phone, mobile phone real name system can solve this? "

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